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Quick '07 Meet and Greet Photos:
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 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Snowmobile Powered Dragster

Yamaha RX-1 998cc

5.144 @ 139.59
1/8th Mile

8.034 @ 171.10 mph
1/4 mile





 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Motorcycle Powered Dragster

TZT Racing
Kawasaki zx11

-- @ --
1/8th Mile

8.59 @ 160 mph
1/4 mile





 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Snow Drag Bike:

JAS Racing
Yamaha RX1

5.376 @ 134.02
1/8th Mile

8.387 @ 159.73 mph
1/4 mile





 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Motorcycle Powered Funny Car

BIll Widen
Donate to life FC

?? @ ??
1/8th Mile

?? @ ?? mph
1/4 mile





 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Snowmobile Powered Funny Car

MAC Racing
Polaris 670cc

?? @ ??
1/8th Mile

?? @ ?? mph
1/4 mile





 UMDRA (Offical) Fastest Snow/Moto Body Car/Roadster

MAC Racing

???? @ ????
1/8th Mile

???? @ ???? mph
1/4 mile





Welcome to UMDRA.COM



The United Mini Drag Racers Association (UMDRA) promotes cost effective drag racing with snowmobile or motorcycle powered dragsters and funny cars by encouraging the sharing of ideas and information.


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  • Were ready for our next Meet and Greet race in '08 Stay tune to our forum for more details!

  • MAIN 4 1/2 min FULL SIZE VIDEO from the '07 Meet and Greet Race at Indianapolis (ORP)
  • Photos from the '07 Meet and Greet Race at Indianapolis (ORP)
  • Meet and Greet '07 Photos Page #1
  • Meet and Greet '07 Photos Page #2
  • Meet and Greet '07 Photos Page #3

  • and Triple O Promotions have struck a deal to provide racers competing in the Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals yet another way to win some money! Triple O Promotions is proud to announce the addition of the Bounty Hunter Challenge. During the final time trial on Saturday and Sunday before the Main Event the racer with the best reaction time will have a $50 bounty placed on them for the first round of eliminations. If this person wins the first round then they will recieve $50 from but if their competitor wins then they will recieve the $50 from
    Please Vist our FORUM for more info!

  • UMDRA is pleased to welcome Gary Bray the builder of the GBC RACING Mini-Pro™ Funny Cars

    Stay tuned to For some more info/videos about GBC Racing's Mini-Pro™ Snowmobile/Motorcycle Powered Funny Cars!
    Click on the GBC Racing logo to goto there web site or click here to view GBC Racing UMDRA Team Page!

  • Got a quick word from Tom Ljuden from R+C Motorsports:
    "On sept 29 and 30. It ran an 8.03 on the first pass Sunday morning. I put some more power into it for the second pass and Rusty said it felt really good. The slip shows good incrementals but it snapped the belt at about 900 feet. The motor went to about 15000 and floated the valvetrain. The leakdown on number one cylinder went from 2% to 10 % so we are presuming that we tapped an exhaust valve. I guess that's it for us for another season."
    Best of luck to Team R+C Motorsports in '08

  • From the Noisy Toys Racing Camp in running there new project driver/builder/crewman Gary "Buck" Rogers said:
    "This pass set four new personal bests: 60', 1/8 e/t, 1/4 e/t & mph. The air was great for turbos today. 315' of air! Usually it measures 2000'+ around here. Traction was so-so and on this pass the car was on the edge of spinning all the way through first and second. I could feel the back end skating around but stood on it any way. In fifth gear toward the end of the pass the turbo started to over-boost. At 10k rpm it was making 15 pounds but at 10.7k rpm it was all the way up to 21 pounds. Never used sixth gear nor did I see the shift light come on for sixth. Would have liked to turn it up further but my boost controller saw fit to empty my last bottle of CO2. Without it, I can't make boost. Now the season is really over. I can't wait for next year! Everything is (finally) working great. Just a few touch ups over the winter and six months of waiting for the '08 season."
    We at UMDRA can't wait either Buck

  • News from Doug McKinney of MAC Racing said:
    Knowing it was picking up I insisted Mac (Larry McKinney) climb in and give it a shot. WOW car hauled! He got a amazing 1.26 60 (this is equal to my 60's in our BBC Injected dragster) broke the tires loose around 30 ft. and remained squirly to 1/2 track to punch the timing system to a 5.92 I did every thing but back flips on the starting line and even received a few high 5's from the track personnel when he came back I wouldn't let him out of the car and asked him to run it again. He deep staged big time slowing the 60 to a 1.33 but ran the car trough straight to a 6.03. I couldn't talk him into a 3rd. pass but I managed to again runner up in the event. I am cheesing it so bad I think I need a bigger helmet"
    Great Job MAC Racing! Here is a copy of there E.T Time Slip SLIP!

  • Bill Widen with The Donate Life Funny Car said:
    "We are getting the funny car ready for the PSCA K&N Filters Las Vegas Nationals , April 26 and 27"
    We wish Bill Widen and his Donate to life motorcycle powered Funny Car the best of luck!

  • CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Bob Boruta from B-n-S Racing for being the 2007 DIVISION 3 Race of Champions Runner-up! Bob went on to talk about his new Snowmobile powered drag bike project:
    "Can you say 8's?"
    We at UMDRA can't wait to see the finish project!

  • Eric McKinney from McKinney MotorSports was named the bounty for the Drag News race in Indianapolis. Eric lost the bounty and the xtra $50 prize money with a -.001 red

  • U.M.D.R.A. Is free to join! All you need to do is join us in our forum!

  • and payout purse for the following at our meet and greet race, The super bowl of drag racing race @ O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis *RACE OVER*

  • Results:

    UMDRA Winners for Sat:
    Best placing UMDRA Ride

    1st $100-Larry McKinney (MAC)

    2nd-$50-Allyn Neff (Bing Bing)

    3rd-$25-Doug McKinney (Doug3170)

    Best RT 1st round $25-Allyn Neff (Bing Bing) .013

    Winner of the UMDRA best placing ride for Sunday:
    1st-$100-Kristen Samford (Wicked Quick)

    2nd-$50-Larry McKinney (Mac)

    3rd-$25-Doug McKinney (Doug3170)

    Best R.T 1st Round $25-Kristen Samford (Wicked Quick) .019

    Best R.T 1st Practice Tony and Cruz "Signed" Pedregon Wall Clock from Team Wicked Quick - Eric McKinney (E McKinney) .025

  • UMDRA Q & A

  • UMDRA is an online association of drag racers. We're an online club. We're a "root for each other" kind of club. Just as many Chevy guys root for bowtie cars, we're rooting for our fellow Snowmobile/Motorcycle powered vehicles and racers.

  • We will host an annual event where we can all come and race together at the same track, but other than that, we're not trying to build any classes, become promoters, or form into any kind of business entity. Maybe someday that might change, but for now, we'd just like to invite people to come and talk if they're interested in Motorcycle or Snowmobile powered cars. That includes the NHRA sanctioned Junior Comp dragsters because they can also run where we run – in the PRO or SUPER/PRO bracket classes at NHRA and/or IHRA events and because they represent the future of drag racing.

  • is a Master site that houses all the others:, (the home for Snowmobile/Motorcycle Funny Cars),,, and the combined Snowmobile/Motorcycle Dragsters/FunnyCars Forum!

  • It’s a one stop, see all group of sites where you can talk with fellow members and view the cars that fit into the categories we described. The Web sites were built to showcase the cars that are out there racing on the weekends, promote conversation about how it’s done, and to encourage others to consider this lower cost form of drag racing as an interesting alternative.

  • Here’s the statement of what we are (kind of a mission statement)

  • "The United Mini Drag Racers Association (UMDRA) promotes cost effective drag racing with snowmobile or motorcycle powered dragsters and funny cars by encouraging the sharing of ideas and information"

  • Q - What does the word Mini mean?

  • A - The word mini is by no mean a reference to the wheelbase or size of your ride. It’s a reference to the power plant - Snow/Moto. Smaller then the big block or small block automotive engines.

  • Q - What is the word Association mean?

  • A - An online group of individuals UNITED to promote Snowmobile and Motorcycle dragsters and Funny Cars. We swap and share information & plans to get together for a meet and greet event once a year. We associate with each other online and would hang out with each other at the drag strip. We are not a company or any other form of IRS recognized business entity.

  • Q - What do we do here online in this forum?

  • A - Share ideas and information, either by reading or asking questions.

  • Q - What do we run?

  • A - Snowmobile or Motorcycle powered dragsters & Funny cars, and snowmobile powered drag bikes.

  • Q - What do you mean by “Promotes cost effective drag racing”?

  • A - All of our rides are cost effective. By using these alternative power plants, we can race in NHRA or IHRA bracket racing classes while keeping the high cost of racing down.

  • Please visit our Forum for more info